Pediatric Massage


Benefits include:


  • reduction in anxiety symptoms
  • reduction in muscle tension
  • better sleep
  • better body awareness
  • stress reduction

Your child’s massage therapist will help your child learn basic breathing techniques for relaxation, skills to take control of their muscles and relax them at will. They will also be encouraged and empowered to take control of their bodies by telling their massage therapist exactly where and how they want to be massaged. They get to give the orders!

Parents are encouraged to quietly stay in the room during treatments and are required to stay in the clinic for children under 14.

Parents are welcome to ask the therapist about techniques for massaging their child at home, massaging your child can help create more bonding time and increase a sense of acceptance, safety and calm especially in children with anxiety.

What to bring to a pediatric massage:

Children can wear a pair of comfy, stretchy shorts and a tank top or be draped as adults. Teens can wear what they are comfortable with or be draped as adults.

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