New COVID-19 clinic protocol

Welcome back! We are all happy to be back to work here at Natural Path Wellness Centre!

Some things are going to look very different when you come to see us again and we would like you to know a few things before you come including some of the precautions we are taking to keep us all safe going forward. 

Please keep in mind that things continue to change regarding expectations around PPE and health protocols please do not hesitate to call us with questions.

1. Before you come please:

  • Fill out the COVID-19 health screening form sent to you by our booking system.
  • Wear a mask to the clinic. If you don’t have a mask we will provide you with one when you enter, you will be required to wear it at all times in the clinic, even during treatment.
  • Use the bathroom at home before you come if possible to reduce the amount of disinfecting we need to do. (We understand that that is not possible for all of our clients).
  • Bring your own water or tea in a to-go mug for the time being.

2. Walking through the door:

  • We ask that clients remain in their cars or on the sidewalk in front of the clinic until their therapist calls them in, either by text or by a wave out the door. Do not come early we do not have room, with social distancing, for everyone in the clinic waiting area.
  • In the entrance use the hand sanitizer and put on the blue mask provided (if not already wearing one).
  • Please remove your shoes and put them in the bin provided and head straight to your treatment room (with your shoes) when you enter the clinic.
  • You must maintain a 6 foot distance from other clients in the clinc
  • Your therapist will also be wearing a mask!
  • Companions/parents accompanying clients must sign a COVID19 screening waiver before entering the main clinic areas and remain in the treatment room during treatment or wait in their car. The reception area will not be open for use due to lack of distancing possible.

5. During Treatment:

  • You will be expected to wear your mask during assessment, treatment and reassessment/payment/discussion at the end of treatment. Your therapist will instruct you on what to do when face down.
  • Your therapist will be wearing a mask the entire time as well.
  • We cannot offer intra-oral work for the jaw at this time.

6. After your treatment: 

  • You will be given pay options in the treatment room, e-transfer from your mobile phone or with tap on the debit machine. Receipts will be emailed where possible. We will not be accepting cash or cheques.
  • Your therapist can also re-book you while in the room or call you by phone. In the interests of keeping things moving quickly we will not be booking multiple future appointments while in the room.
  • You will be advised when and how to leave the building so you are not crossing paths with other clients as much as possible.

6. Clinic Cleaning and PPE protocol

  • All therapists will be wearing masks during treatments and in the clinic in general.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting will be happening regularly throughout the day of every high touch surface in the clinic, with government approved disinfectants.
  • Every time a client exits a treatment room all surfaces will be disinfected before the next client arrives.
  • All linens will be washed in hot water and vinyl pillow protectors will be wiped down.

NPW reserves the right to decline treatment to anyone showing possible symptoms of COVID as stipulated by the Province of NS by law or anyone not wanting to comply with the protocol.